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For over a year, we’ve been hard at work engineering a product that will allow you to grow herbs & veggies in the comfort of your own home. Literally, an entire system that gives you the ability to grow your own food hydroponically, vertically, organically ... and without nasty pesticides or GMOs! 

We believe urban agriculture, composed of vertical growing, and using hydroponics - along with other methods - will be needed to feed the world, in the future.

Harvested by Robots - coming soon!

About Us

Our sign at the Tomball Farmer's Market

Do you know how your last salad reached you?

(If your answer is "yes", you are unusual in a good way!) 

Many of us, today - especially in North America - are largely disconnected from the supply chain that brings us our daily meals. Factory farms, cross-country trucking, and big-box grocery stores form much of the basis for our food supply, in our modern world. 

We want to help the world move away from mono-culture, patented-seed, pesticide based farming, and other practices we believe are harming the planet. We know our system cannot grow every type of food, but we hope it will help people take some control of their own food, in their own space (home, work, school, juice bar, gym, restaurant, apartment, vacant garage - wherever you have the space).  

Some of our early lettuce seedlings

US-based small business

We know what it is like to have dirt under our fingernails and luscious fresh vegetables for every meal.

But...while living in the suburbs of a large city, we began to feel disconnected thanks to our rather bland supermarket food.  We have grown some vegetables and have several fruit trees in our yard, but where we live it is too hot for lettuce and greens most of the year.  There are local farmers' markets, but mostly they offer the same food that we can.  

We want to offer everyone some control over their own food, regardless of climate, storms, etc.  

Our system is flexible enough to be useful, easy to use, low maintenance (no daily watering or weeding!), and affordable enough for many families.    The system uses a semi-controlled environment (your home or other indoor space) to reduce pests, and uses less water than outdoor growing. It does require some power for growing lights for best results, but the benefits to plants of the RIGHT lighting at the right time are significant. The system can be used either hydroponically (add nutrients for healthy plants) or with aquaponics (fish create that fertilizer for you, which is then filtered). Either way, the water recycles to keep the plants watered.

Our showcase indoor "barn" shows people how we grow

Why our products?

There are many indoor growing products on the market today, with a variety of growing types (aero-, hydro-, and aqua-ponics; traditional soil growing, and more).  

So why buy from us?

We are passionate growers, who are not in this for the money - but rather, to help bring healthy food closer to families!

We have tested a number of our competitors' products alongside our own and we will be publishing those results, on our blog.


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We are live and virtual ... accepting orders at any time.  For phone inquiries, please note that we are located in US Central time.

We can be found at the Tomball Farmer's Market on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month.  You may pre-order to be sure to get what you want at the market (just call or text).